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I have made no secret of my love for anything french. And while I – unfortunately – only get to go there on holidays or citytrips (like our Paris getaway recently) from time to time, I still can fortunately j’adore the beauty of french life on a daily basis – through the eyes of some of my favourite accounts on Instagram. Beautiful women all sharing beautiful moments of their life in France and abroad. Little glimpses of happiness, adorably dressed kids and wonderfully styled homes, that remind and inspire me to see the beauty in everyday life – like herehere and here. And while there can be a lot said about the (sometimes overwhelming) presence of social media in our lives – I personally see it as a blessing, an advantage, a creative outlet and most of all a place to be inspired by people from all around the world. Like Sarah, french born lover of tea, natural light and her two little girls, who is based in London. We share a passion for interior design, photography and all things beautiful and I simply j’adore her way of seeing (and capturing) the beauty in her daily family and work life in this wonderful city I used to call home in my early twenties. So if it wasn’t for Instagram I would have never crossed path with, met and would have never become (sometimes still virtual) friends with some wonderful women out there, some whom I now communicate with on almost a daily basis.

And it was definitely instant love first discovering the cute little outfits Olive designs, this perfect mix of natural fabrics and pretty colours. How she lets us be part of her designing process, captures herself juggling young kids and her own brand in the most adorable drawings and shows what inspires her to come up with her cute and playful creations, an amazing mumma for me not only worth supporting, but a true Insta Love.

Petit Bec Blouse & Shorts | Helga Kreft Rocking Horse

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