On Island Time – Maldives Part III

While our holiday in the Maldives at the Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma was already a few months ago, the memories we made and incredibly beautiful snapshots taken – literally with our cameras but also the things simply seen and experienced, will stay with us forever. When thinking about the Maldives, most’s minds would start wandering towards the endless white beaches, calm azure blue waters, exotic sea life and romantic over water villas, from where you can enjoy all of the above. And while we stayed in a beautiful little villa right by the beach, simply perfect for a holiday with a toddler, one of the most magical and memorable afternoons of the trip really was the time spent in one of the overwater bungalows at the resort. So thanks to the Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma we got to experience an afternoon, a bottle of champagne and a beautiful sunset – all on our private deck overlooking the gentle waves of the Indian Ocean. Although my sister and I were busy watching our little girls and making sure they wouldn’t push each other into the water (somehow we managed for „only“ the waterproof gopro to go overboard) and taking photos, we had a really magical afternoon and evening – gladly returning to our on-land accommodation afterwards but vowing to be back in a few years – with two little proficient swimmers in tow.

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