Let’s travel the World

If you have been following our journey and maybe this blog for a bit, you know much we love to travel. And that having our little daughter 22 months ago may have changed the way we travel a bit, but hasn’t stopped us from doing so. On the contrary. So we decided that, before M turns two in a few months and needs her own airplane ticket (not that we really needed an excuse at all), to go on another journey. And what was originally ‚just‘ planned as a trip to Australia to visit family and friends, turned into a trip around (half) the world. But somehow everything just fell into place and I remember a few months ago, my husband and I excitedly sitting together, dreaming about all the places we could go to. I was thrown back to our twenties, when we used to sit down in front of a world map and simply chose places we dreamed of seeing. And then figured out a way to do it. And of course life was a touch simpler then, in many ways. But it is also nice to see that somehow it also wasn’t all that different.

So we decided to visit friends who life spread all around the globe along the way and which we haven’t seen in way too long. To finally get our kids to meet each other. To return to places we love with M, who is at a lovely age now, really starting to take in the world around her.

Twelve weeks. Four continents. Endless excitement. We will be on the road for almost three months, first going to Dubai, then stopping in Singapore before heading to Australia. There we will travel down the east coast to Sydney, where we will visit my husband’s family. After about a month, we will fly to Perth and from there on to South Africa, where we will meet with my parents and explore some parts we haven’t been too. And I can’t wait to take you (virtually) with us on this adventure.

So our bags are (almost) packed. We are ready to travel the world. And i’m so excited to collect lots of moments on the way.

*thank you odernichtoderdoch for the cute travel accessories 

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