Awesome Australia – Halcyon House

There are places, some far away, some very close to home, that you fall in love with even before you have ever seen them with your own eyes or ever stepped a foot on them. I always dreamed of one day staying at Halcyon House, a small boutique hotel in an even smaller, really dreamy beachside town on the East coast of Australia, not far away from famous hippy (and even more hipster) coastal town Byron Bay. But not only the location, where you can step out of the hotel grounds and straight into white sand, but more so the story and especially interiors behind Halcyon House is what but has been fascinating me ever since it opened a few years ago.

I find the story behind Halcyon House to be very inspiring one. Two sisters bought the old, run down property, a former surfer motel that had seen better days, with the intention to create a holiday home for their families, where they could escape the city life and to have a place for all their kids to spend time together. Luckily (for all of us) the sisters changed their plans and decided that they wanted to share their magical little beachside-hideaway with others instead and so Halcyon House was born. Either way, what a project to undertake! So together with famous Australian interior designer Anna Spiro, known and loved for her quirky, eclectic style of combining endless amounts of fabrics, patterns and colors into beautiful rooms and properties, that not only feel very homely but also invite to stay, relax and simply enjoy a space they created a stylish yet laid-back boutique hotel like no other. Not one interior of the 2o something rooms is the same – which really makes for the perfect excuse to come visit again. And again. And what an incredible outcome they all have achieved together you can admire in the pictures below…

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