The Jacarandas in Joburg

Some places require a second, third – or even – fourth look to show their beauty and Johannesburg is definitely one of them. Compared to naturally stunning Cape Town it simply misses real natural beauty, the mountains, the sea, or a lake. You really need to look a bit harder, past the wired fences and the high walls keeping you out, but the little beauty, it is there, carefully hidden behind what first catches the eye. So driving around the streets today we came past endless alleys of majestic, old Jacaranda trees in full bloom, lining almost every road in the city, their flowers covering the streets and turning them into an almost unreal field of purple beauty. And every corner we took, in every never before driven alley we turned, they appeared, one more stunning than the other – and I almost didn’t know where to look first because of so much beauty.

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